How do I enable the API?

The Basecamp API is enabled by default on all accounts. You don’t have to do anything to turn on this feature. When a third-party application asks for your API token, you can find it on your My info page by clicking the “Show your tokens” link.

The Basecamp API allows third-party applications or back-office systems to communicate with Basecamp. All users in your account may use third-party applications to access your project data such as iPhone apps, Android apps, or network-based communication built onto your own server.

To see a few examples of third-party apps that work with Basecamp, check out our Extras page here.

Note: The API hasn’t always been enabled by default. Some third-party applications may tell you to enable it before using the program but that’s no longer necessary.

For our developer friends out there, you can find our API page here.

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