What is the Daily Digest and how do I subscribe to one?

The Daily Digest is an email that Basecamp sends you once a day. The email tells you about any to-do items or milestones that were checked off or added in the last day. Daily Digests are per-project, so you can subscribe to the projects you really care about without being distracted by any unnecessary information. Now you’ll always know day-by-day as work is completed or new work is assigned. It’s a really powerful feature.

To subscribe to the Daily Digest for a project, first load the project and click on the Overview tab. You’ll see a link to subscribe in the upper-right of your screen:

After you click “Turn on email updates” the following screen will confirm your details and remind you how the Daily Digest works:

Now that you’re subscribed, you’ll receive an email once each day at 9am. You’ll only receive an email if there was some activity on the project in the last 24 hours. Here’s a sample of what the Daily Digest email looks like:

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