What is a private to-do list? What does it mean to make something private?

Private messages and private to-do lists can be seen by members of your team (including contractors) but cannot be viewed by your clients.

Clients will see no reference to the messages or to-do lists—not on the messages page, not on the to-do list page, not on the overview page, not on the dashboard page, and they won’t receive any email notifications related to private items. This allows you to share sensitive or not-yet-finalized information internally without needing to worry about clients accessing these entries.

Private items are called out with a small red “PRIVATE” item badge in the upper right corner of the item.

private to do list

To make a new list private, select the “Make this list private” checkbox. You can also make an existing list private too. Just roll your mouse over the list title and click on the red “Edit” link that appears to the left. Then select the private checkbox.

private to do list

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