Why do I get errors when I try to subscribe to the iCalendar?

There are a few possible reasons for this:

1. You don’t have an iCalendar-compatible calendar program installed on your computer. iCalendar is a file format and if you don’t have a program that can read it then you can’t subscribe to it.

2. You have an iCalendar-compatible calendar program BUT your computer isn’t set up to launch the program when you click on an iCalendar URL on the web. In this case you need to copy the iCalendar URL and manually subscribe to that URL from within your iCalendar-compatible program. If you don’t know how to do that please consult the manual or help files that came with your iCalendar-compatible program.

3. You changed your Basecamp password. When you change your Basecamp password your iCalendar URLs are reset for security purposes. So, if you were subscribed before, but now you can’t get to your iCalendar calendars, you may want to just resubscribe again.

For more information on the iCalendar format, see the iCalendar entry at Wikipedia.

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