Can I make milestone templates?

Sort of. Milestones can be included within project templates.

Go to the Dashboard and click the Templates tab (upper right).


You’ll default to the view for Project templates. Project templates let you set up a standardized project with to-dos, milestones, and messages. You can then use this project template to create new projects. A new project created from a project template will be auto-populated with all the to-do lists, milestones, and messages from the template. It’s am huge time saver that’s especially useful if you do lots of similar projects.

Click the button that says New project template and name the project template (example: “Redesign Template” or “Seminar Template”).

Then set up the project template by selecting Add the first milestone.


When setting up Milestones, you pick relative dates like “Week 1, Monday” or “Week 3, Wednesday”. These relative dates are then used to set up actual dates when you create the actual project.


You can only assign milestones or to-dos to people in your own company when you are creating the templates. When you actually create a project from a template you can go in and assign to-dos and milestones to anyone else from any other company that you assign to the project.

You are not able to create events within templates.

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