Can I email a message to Basecamp Classic?

You can email a message directly to a project. This means you can post messages without even being logged in. Just send a message via email from your desktop, web-based email client, or mobile phone, and it’ll post right to Basecamp as a message.

You can even attach files to those messages. All files attached to messages sent to Basecamp via email can be found in the Messages tab of a project in addition to the Files tab.

Note: Your message must contain some text. A file sent to Basecamp via email that doesn’t include some text in the email body will not be processed by Basecamp.

Each project has a unique email address. And each email address is unique to each user. This is how Basecamp knows which project you want to post the message to, and who’s posting the message.

So go into a project and click the Messages tab. Then check the sidebar. You’ll see the list of categories as well as a new link at the bottom that says: “Post a message via email.” We’ve highlighted it red in the image below:


Clicking the link takes you to a dialog that gives you your own unique email address for that project, along with some details about how the feature works:


You may want to copy that email address to your address book so you have it any time you want to post a message to that project.

Remember, every project and every user have unique inbound email addresses. So don’t share the email address with anyone else. Everyone on your project will see their own email address when they click the “Post a message via email” link. If this email address ever gets spammed, there’s a link on the “Post a message via email” screen that lets you generate a new email address.

Messages posted via email aren’t categorized. If you want to categorize the message you can go into the project later, edit the message, select a category, and save the changes. The same for the private setting – you’ll have to edit the message and make it private in the project later.

And finally, whenever you email in a message everyone on the project will receive an email notification letting them know a new message has been posted. If they don’t want to receive email notifications on that message thread in the future they can opt out by clicking a link at the bottom of the email notification.

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