How can I stop receiving email notifications?

If you’d prefer not to receive email notifications on new comments, you can unsubscribe from a message. First, click the red “Edit” link associated with the message.

edit message

The people subscribed to a message are listed in the right sidebar. To unsubscribe, click the “remove” link located next to “You.”

unsubscribe to message

If you aren’t comfortable with the content of messages, comments, files, to-dos and milestones being sent via email (emails are inherently insecure since they are sent in plain text over the internet), you can disable the email notification feature entirely. If disabled, people won’t see the email notifications option at all. (Note: The RSS feature is a great alternative to using email for notifications.)

Admins can turn off all email notifications for your entire account and all users. Go to your Dashboard and click the “Settings” tab in the upper right. Scroll down the page to the section called “Email notification” and select “No email notifications.”

unsubscribe to message

no emails

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