How do email notifications work?

Email notifications let people stay up to date on message threads via email. Anyone who posts a new message or comments on a message will automatically be “subscribed” to that message. When you are subscribed to the message, you’ll get an email notification each time someone else posts a new comment on that message.

It’s easy to notify people about one of your messages. When you post a message you’ll see a section that says, “Notify people of this message via email.” Select whomever you want to be notified. Selected people will receive a copy of the message via email and will also receive any comments posted to that message via email too (they can unsubscribe at any time).

notify email message

Subscriptions are established on a message-by-message basis (there’s no “always notify me” option). This keeps you from being inundated with messages you aren’t interested in.

People who aren’t part of a thread can also subscribe to a message by clicking on the message and then selecting “Yes, email me” in the right sidebar.

subscribe to message

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