What is the Web URL and Server Path for FTP hosting?

The “Server Path” specifies the directory/folder on your server that will hold the files you upload via Basecamp. It’s important to start and end your path with a slash (“/”). An FTP server path might look like:


or a shorter version…


The “Web URL” is the web address you use to access the folder you specified in the FTP path. A Web URL looks like:


Here are some example pairs to show what we mean. If you’re confused about this, contact your ISP, web host, or system administrator for help.

Example 1
Server path: /home/mycompany/webdocs/html/basecamp_stuff/
Web URL: http://www.mycompany.com/basecamp_stuff/

Example 2
Server path: /webroot/files/basecamp_stuff/
Web URL: http://www.mycompany.com/files/basecamp_stuff/

Example 3
Server path: /basecamp_stuff/
Web URL: http://www.mycompany.com/basecamp_stuff/

Note: The FTP option is no longer available for new Basecamp accounts.

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