Suddenly I can't upload files even though it was working before (and I didn't change anything). What's up?

Note: This is only for accounts that use FTP for hosting files. This is not for accounts that have files hosted by Basecamp.

99% of the time this is caused by one of the following:

1. Your server is out of space. Check to see if your FTP server is full. If so, you’ll need to clear some space before you can upload files again.

2. Someone changed your FTP password or read/write permissions without you knowing. Consult your system administrator to check on this.

3. Someone renamed or changed the directory structure on your server that Basecamp set up. If you change the directory structure, or even a single directory name, Basecamp won’t know where your files are or where to put the new files.

4. You’ve exceeded your quota on your FTP server. This isn’t necessarily about physical storage space, but about the quota configuration setting. We’ve seen problems in the past with accounts that had their FTP server misconfigured to only allow a certain amount of transfers during a 30 day period, for example. It’s important that you confirm your quota settings with your system administrator or your web host.

5. You’ve “hardened” or locked down your S/FTP server with a Firewall to only allow connections from certain IP addresses. If you want to let Basecamp through, you’ll need to open ports 21 and 5000-5500 (or port 22 for SFTP) for This IP address may change in the future, so if you have problems be sure to check back and update your firewall accordingly.

6. You have a mal/spyware box, like a Cymphonix, that scans outgoing requests and identifies file uploads to Basecamp as false positives. To open up, add the IP range for and your site URL to the white list on the box.

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