How do we cancel?

If you’re sure you’d like to cancel your account, we’ll be so sorry to see you go! Canceling takes effect immediately — you won’t be charged again, and your account will be inaccessible. We highly recommend exporting your account data before canceling.

Our legal responsibility is to account owners, which means we cannot cancel an account at the request of anyone else. If you do not see the “Account” option, you are not the owner. If for whatever reason you no longer know who the account owner is, contact us. We will gladly reach out to any current account owners at the email addresses we have on file.

Important: If your account has been frozen or inactive for some time, we may auto-cancel it. We will give you notice about this. Further details are on our Cancellation Policy page.

Now that you know everything you need to, you’re ready to cancel!

1. Go to the Dashboard and click on the “Account” tab
2. Once you are on the Account page, scroll to the section that says “Need to cancel your account?”
3. Click the link that says, “Please cancel my account (I understand this is irreversible).”



If you cancel before the end of your pay period, please contact the support team to let us know — we can help process a refund for you.

Note: There is no undo for cancellation. Once your account is cancelled, all your project information will be immediately and permanently deleted.

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