What happens with the 30-day free trial if I upgrade from a free account to a paying account?

Upgrading from a free plan to a paying plan ends your free trial. Once you upgrade to a paying plan, you will then be charged for your first month.

The 30-day free trial applies only to people who sign up for a brand new paying plan (this does not include upgraded plans). So if you upgrade from a free plan to a paying plan, the free 30-day trial no longer applies. When you upgrade a free plan, you see this message that explains how this works:


For example, if you sign up for the free 1-project plan and then you upgrade to a paying plan 12 days later, you will immediately be charged for your first month (the 30-day free trial no longer applies). You will continue to be charged every month after that until you cancel your account. You can always cancel at any time.

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