Can I create sub-projects in Basecamp Classic (i.e., a project within another project)?

While it’s not possible to create sub-projects in Basecamp, there’s a friendly workaround that allows you to group different sets of projects together! You can create a new company and make it the “primary company” for the various projects you’d like to group together. Here’s how this works:

1. Go to your People tab and click the link to add a new company.

2. Instead of adding a company name, make the company name your “area” or category. For instance, you can create a company called “Finance” or “Legal.”

Don’t add any users to this company.

3. Now, go into a project that falls under the category “Legal” and
click the People & Permissions tab.

Next click the “Add people, remove people, change permissions” link to add the “Legal” company you just created to the project.

Then choose the company you just created and add it to the project.

choose legal

4. Now you’ll want to make this company the primary company for this project. To do this, click the “Project Settings” link in the upper right of the screen.

project settings

5. Go to the section that says, “Select the primary company for this project” and choose the company you just created.

select primary

6. When you do this, you’ll see the projects listed in your sidebar like this:

This method lets you group your projects under an umbrella label and access them easily in one location.

NOTE: People in companies you add to your system cannot be admins. They won’t have the same rights and privileges as admins in the primary company, nor will they see To-Dos or Calendar tabs on their Dashboard.

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