Can I move people between companies?

Yes, admins can move people between companies. To move someone, click the All People or People/People and Permissions tab, then the edit link next to the person you would like to move. Select the new company from the “Company” drop-down menu, then click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.

When you move someone to a new company, all their content (messages, comments, etc.) remains attributed to them in the original project(s).

If you don’t see the company menu on the user edit screen, check to make sure that at least one additional company appears under the All People tab.

Important Notes:

1. When you move someone to a new company they will lose access to their projects. Learn how to add users to projects here.

2. If you have a Suite and would like to move a user from your primary firm to a client firm, you’ll need to remove their access to Highrise, Backpack & Campfire (click here for help with that). Then, you can use the instructions above to move your user.

3. If you move yourself to a new company, you’ll lose your admin status since admins can only be in the main company.

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