What’s the difference between to-dos, milestones, and events?

To-dos are meant to be simple lists of items that you need to complete on a project. A task can be assigned to a user on your project and can have due dates. To-do lists can be made private to your own company.

A Milestone is a major event, launch or due date your team is working on. You can use milestones to mark the end of a project, the due date, or major events along the way.

For example, if your team is working on a website launch, all the things you need to do for that launch will be to-dos. The date of the launch and the dates you need to deliver different items will be milestones.

You can also relate Milestones to To-Do Lists to see which to-dos need to be finished to mark a milestone as complete.

An Event is an occasion like a meeting or lunch, which doesn’t require a responsible party or a deliverable. Events are good markers for meetings or travel plans in addition to celebrations. Events won’t shift when you shift a milestone and can’t be marked “completed”. Events are not a part of templates.

See more on how the calendar works here.

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