Why doesn’t the Basecamp Classic RSS feed work with Bloglines or Google Reader or Firefox/Safari RSS?

Basecamp Classic RSS feeds are password protected for your security. You need to use an RSS reader that supports authentication or password protected feeds.

There are lots of feed readers out there that support password protected feeds, but we recommend FeedDemon for the PC and NetNewsWire for the Mac.

If you’re a Safari user, RSS feeds are supported, but not in the format that Basecamp provides. There is a workaround though. Instead of loading the URL directly and letting the Mac Keychain store the username and password, embed the username (API token) and password in the URL and it will load fine. Like this: https://{API token}:x@foo.basecamphq.com/feed/recent_items_rss

iPad users should check out feedHopper to view RSS feeds.

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