People & companies

  1. Can I create sub-projects in Basecamp Classic (i.e., a project within another project)?
  2. What is an administrator (aka admin)? Can we have multiple admins? How do I give someone admin access?
  3. What are the different levels of access for people in my company or people in other companies (clients, freelancers, contractors, etc.)?
  4. How do I add a person or company to a project?
  5. Why would I want to put my logo in a white box?
  6. Can I keep certain people/clients from seeing specific projects? How do we set permissions?
  7. How do I add people to my account?
  8. How can I change the company a project is listed under?
  9. How do I delete someone from my account?
  10. Can I move people between companies?
  11. Can one person be part of multiple companies?
  12. Why is our old logo (or an old photo) still showing up after I upload a new one?
  13. How can I upload or change the photo that appears next to my name?
  14. How can I add groups or departments?
  15. I invited people to join my Basecamp account. What happens next?
  16. If I delete a person, will Basecamp also delete all the messages, files, etc. they have posted?
  17. One of my users can't login, what should they do?
  18. Can everyone see everyone else? Can I hide contact information from other people?
  19. How can I change a company time zone?
  20. I misspelled the name of a user when adding them to Basecamp. What can I do to fix it?
  21. How do I update my time zone?
  22. How do I add a person from a different company to a project?
  23. How do I delete a company?
  24. What is the difference between removing a person from a project and deleting them?
  25. Can I send emails from Basecamp to a different address?
  26. I'm getting emails from Basecamp but I still can't login.
  27. How do I make my own introductory letter for new users?
  28. Why is everyone’s contact and login information the same?
  29. How can I switch to Google sign-in?

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