Billing & account

  1. Can we export our Basecamp Classic data?
  2. What is an administrator (aka admin)? Can we have multiple admins? How do I give someone admin access?
  3. How much does Basecamp Classic cost? What is included with each plan?
  4. What is an account owner? How can I change the account owner on my Basecamp Classic account?
  5. How do we cancel?
  6. How do I delete someone from my account?
  7. Do you have special pricing for non-profits, universities, or other groups in need?
  8. How do we upgrade or downgrade the Basecamp Classic plan?
  9. Does Basecamp Classic integrate with Highrise or Backpack?
  10. How do we update or change our credit card?
  11. Can you customize Basecamp Classic for us? Can we hide certain tabs?
  12. How does the 30-day free trial work?
  13. What are my options for payment? Can I pay by check or PayPal? Can you invoice us?
  14. Where can I find our invoices or get a copy of an invoice?
  15. Can I export Writeboards?
  16. Can I suspend my account or put it on hold?
  17. Can I export time entries?
  18. I downgraded to Free and now I can't access my projects!
  19. What happens with the 30-day free trial if I upgrade from a free account to a paying account?
  20. Can I send invoices to someone else?
  21. Why can’t I downgrade on the Account screen? I only see upgrade options, not downgrade options.
  22. What is the refund policy?
  23. Can I customize invoices?
  24. If we upgrade will we be billed twice this month? If we downgrade will we be prorated?

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