How do I add Google or iCalendar calendars to my Backpack Calendar?

To add an iCal to your Backpack Calendar, copy the link of the iCal you want by right-clicking it (example: webcal:// Then go to your Backpack Calendar and click the “Add a calendar” link in the right sidebar.

add a calendar

Then paste the URL of the iCalendar into the field below “Name the new calendar.”

add iCalendar

If you want, select a specific color for these events. Then click the “Add calendar” button. The calendar’s name will be listed in the right sidebar and the appropriate events will show up inline in the calendar. Click the calendar name again if you ever want to edit or delete it.

You can add Google Calendar events to your Backpack Calendar by pasting the iCal subscription URL from your Google calendar into Backpack. Learn more about gathering your Google Calendar iCal addresses at Google Calendar Help.

Note: Google calendars offer two separate iCal feeds, public and private. Backpack only supports private iCal feeds so choose that option in Google. To obtain your calendar’s private iCal feed, follow these directions and make sure to select the private iCal feed.

private ical

If you are using Google Apps for domains, you won’t see the private iCal feed unless your domain administrator enables “Allow sharing for users outside this domain.” Your domain administrator should log into the Google account, select Calendar settings, and then choose “Share all information, but outsiders cannot change calendars.” (The option beneath that will also work.)

google domains settings

You can also add pre-built iCalendars to your Backpack Calendar. These make it easy to view your iCal events, iCal US holidays, sporting events, movie openings, and lots more inline with your other events. Find a list of calendar options at iCalShare. also has a list of iCalendars. Or try Moon phases (highly recommended for werewolves!).

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